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Kobe’s 65

Kobe scoring two of his 65

I know it’s chic to say that LeBron James or Dwyane Wade is going to be the best player of all-time, but how about waiting until they’re the best players of their time to start saying that? Kobe’s still more talented than LeBron and more clutch than Wade. On any given night, he can go for 50 without relying on the refs to give him 25 free throws. I’d like to see anyone else in the league go for 60 while shooting only 12 free throws.

LeBron and Wade are both great players, but they get the benefit of the calls from the refs more often than Kobe does, and neither has shown the ability to step down from the spotlight and make their teams better. LeBron occasionally steps down, but only when he’s quits caring enough to put forth the effort–and his team gets terrible when he does it.

Trade Kobe for LeBron or Wade, and I guarantee that Cleveland or Miami would at least make the finals.


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  1. Kobe is the best player in the entire league. I totally agree with you. He is the number one guard in the NBA, Wade and LeBron is no match in his performance.

    Lakers fan

    Comment by lakersfanboy | December 27, 2007

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