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NCAA Championship Tournament: Third Round

Chalk rules this year. The elite eight consists of all four number ones, three number twos, and a number three. Chalk rules and so do brackets picked by those who don’t follow college basketball. I need not say who has the best bracket in my family, but it is not me or my dad. I actually don’t have a bracket anymore.

I burned it. Charcoal lighter, matches, and a bowl of water for safety. It’s now a small black crisp. It’s not that it was in such horrible shape (although it was), it’s that I’m tired of people thinking the bracket matters. I don’t gamble (says the guy who is paying $900 in income tax on poker winnings), so the bracket means nothing to me. When the last two teams in the tournament that I like lost, I just quit caring about who wins and emphasized that fact with fire.

Yeah, all the teams I like are out. That means I now cheer for the teams that will prove me right: UCLA is the best team in the tournament, Ohio State and Greg Oden are weak (they’re trying to prove it; their opponents just aren’t letting them do it…), Florida is not motivated enough to win again, and Kansas is too streaky to advance far. Now on to some comments… Continue reading


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Kansas vs. Southern Illinois

Well, I knew this game was gonna be grind-it-out slugfest, but I never imagined this. SIU is statistically one of the best defensive teams in the country. After watching tonight, they are the best that I’ve seen this year. I’m sure they’ve played games that weren’t as good, heck they may have played games where they’ve been better, but I’ve not seen it. SIU forced 13 KU turnovers in the first 25 minutes of the game. KU averages on 14 turnovers/game. SIU is just a great defensive team who came into San Jose ready to play ball, and they did! They held KU to its lowest point total all season long (61), but what did KU do? They buckled down and played a little bit better. They held SIU to less than 60 because KU is also a very good defensive team. Continue reading

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Tubby Smith leaves winningest basketball program ever; joins crappy one. story

I think Tubby Smith made a good move, but I also think he made a bad move. The situation had gotten bad for him in Kentucky and was likely to end in a firing or forced resignation, and it was good for him to get out on his own terms. I also think that of all the places he could go, the Big Ten is ideal for him.

However, there were three available teams in the Big Ten; of the three, I don’t think Minnesota is the one most would choose. Michigan and Iowa both have better histories and recruiting bases. Oh wait, 1.8 million per year

This should be a big improvement for Minnesota, who has won an average of 15 games and 6 conference games of the last five years and an improvement for the Big Ten as a whole after a few down years.

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