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NCAA Division II Championship Game

Tell me you all saw this live. That was one of the best finishes I’ve ever seen and easily the best of the postseason. Making it even bigger, the game was a school with only a three-digit enrollment (Barton College) against a team that had won a division II record 57 games in a row (Winona State University). I’m sure everyone is going to see it on ESPN (unless the Division I games are so incredible they steal the show), but I’ll give you the play by play anyway.

45 seconds left: Barton puts WSU’s best foul shooter on the line after letting 20 seconds run off the clock. Analyst says the strategy was bad and that if he hits both shots, the game may be out of reach.

45 seconds left: WSU hits both foul shots. Game apparently over.

35 seconds left: Barton guard Anthony Atkinson is allowed to take an open layup to get back within 5.

32 seconds left: Barton puts WSU’s best shooter back onto the line for one-and-one.

32 seconds left: WSU misses the front end.

25 seconds left: Atkinson hits a 10-footer to get within 3.

22 seconds left: Barton player strips the inbounds pass away and gives it to Atkinson.

21 seconds left: Atkinson gets fouled and gets his attempt to bounce in, getting within 1 and a freethrow.

21 seconds left: Atkinson misses the free throw.

20 seconds left: WSU goes back to the line for two free throws.

16 seconds left: WSU misses the first but hits the second, giving them a 2-point lead.

8 seconds left: Atkinson hits a tough reverse layup, tying the game.

4 seconds left: WSU has the ball stripped from behind just over halfcourt.

3 seconds left: Ball is outletted to Atkinson who is all alone.

0 seconds left: Atkinson releases the layup with .1 seconds to go and wins the championship.

Atkinson scored the last ten points for Barton in 35 seconds to win the championship and end the longest Division II winning streak ever. If the Division I tournament can provide anything remotely similar to that in the last three rounds, it will easily make up for the first three.


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