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NCAA Championship Tournament: Fourth Round

Stop the presses! Half the games in this round were upsets! In other news, I only had four of my elite eight picks correct but got three of my final four picks correct. Ohio State was the only one I missed. The first three games went pretty much like I expected (nevermind that I predicted Oregon on here; no fool actually though they would win), and I had to watch the very end of the exciting game on a miniature tv sitting in the parking lot of my church. And I missed all of overtime because I was inside. Anyway, I know what happened though and have comments…

Who else in on the UCLA bandwagon now? As predicted by me first, they defeated Kansas in what was a fairly close game but did not go down to the last shot. As first stated here, UCLA is the best team in the tournament.

Ohio State also looked impressive against Memphis; but Memphis was a team that, before the Texas A&M game, had not been tested since early December and was overrated because of it. Although I said OSU was a weak team, I did pick them to beat Memphis, an even weaker team.

Florida didn’t impress me at all. Had they not been on fire from outside, they would not have won that game. 11/24 isn’t going to happen often, certainly not against UCLA.

Maybe North Carolina did choke at the end of their game, but they weren’t exactly on fire the entire game. They were scoring a lot because Georgetown was putting them on the line so much. Was it 19 free throws in the first half? You had to know the refs would correct themselves, and the calls would go the other way in the second half. The outcome of that game was more Georgetown outplaying them (57.6% from the field!) than North Carolina choking.

The story of the last couple rounds: The nets. I have never seen the nets get hung as many times as they did in San Jose, and the net in St. Louis completely snapped (By the way, you could clearly see it had broke before Humphrey’s shot; Humphrey just finished it off). If you’re into conspiracy theories, you could say that the long nets in San Jose were meant to impair Kansas’s chances of winning. The longer the net, the longer it takes the ball to get through. The slower pace that would cause would help Southern Illinois, Pittsburgh, or UCLA and would hurt Kansas. Is it any coincidence that the most points scored by any team was UCLA’s 68? Whatever you think, the nets certainly could have been better.

Has any college player ever gotten the NBA-style star treatment more than Greg Oden? I mean, I’ve noticed Durant get a lot of close calls his way as well, but Oden is getting calls that I wouldn’t have thought were really close going his way. By the way, during the conference tournament, I said that Oden complaining about a call and getting a technical didn’t sound like something he’d do. My friend Aaron said that it was possible because Oden is “a whiner.” I’ve now been looking for it all tournament and have not seen him complain about a call once. Anyone feel free to correct me if I’m wrong.

Who is the best player remaining in the tournament? The only member of ESPN’s all-American team to make it past the sweet sixteen, and easily the best performer in this round is Aaron Afflalo. Georgetown’s Jeff Green is good but is arguably not even the best player on his team. Ohio State’s Greg Oden is overrated (I’ll give him top-ten in the nation, but he’s not the best freshman, best center, best player in his conference, etc.). Florida is a team full of glorified role players (with the possible exception of Al Horford). Afflalo is clearly the best player on his team and came up huge in their win over Kansas.

Thirty fouls called on Oregon; fourteen called on Florida.

1 vs. 2 and 1 vs. 2 in the Final Four. Should be great!


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