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NCAA Championship Tournament: Semifinals

We had a line of thunderstorms roll through the area during the games tonight. Remembering the second round games that we missed for no apparent reason, I was worried that my taping of the Final Four would be interrupted by a power outage. We had some discoloration and heavy static every time lightning struck (My dad totally ignored this fact and tried messing with the antenna, making it horribly worse.), but power never went out either at my house or at the tv station. So why did power go out on a sunny day and not in a big storm? I don’t have an answer for that that doesn’t involve abusive language. I did lose my Internet connection though, which is why this post is coming late…

Eight minutes into the game when Green hit Florida’s first field goal of the game, I declared the game in UCLA’s favor. The game was exactly UCLA’s tempo and style and exactly why they had fewer problems advancing to the Final Four than any of the other three.

Of course, I didn’t see this happening–Florida free throw attempts: 31; UCLA free throw attempts: 13

Who knew Corey Brewer could shoot so well? He’s easily got the biggest NBA upside of all the Gators. Horford won’t be able to pound (offensively foul) NBA bodies out of his way. Noah could be a Ben Wallace type, but does anyone really think he’ll ever get better than he is now (he’s gotten worse since last year even though he supposedly learned more this year than any other in his life…). Green could be a decent guard, just like 100 others in college now and 50 others in the NBA now. Humphrey…not a chance. Brewer, on the other hand, reminds me of a slightly smaller, but more athletic version of Tayshaun Prince.

Did you know that Greg Oden shot free throws with his left hand at the beginning of the year? And Tyler Hansbrough wore a mask for a few games too.

Most of the fouls called in the Ohio State/Georgetown game (before the very end when Georgetown had to put OSU on the line) involved either Oden or Hibbert. They either committed or drew most of the fouls. Refs, you need to stop listening to the media hype and call the game. Quit watching only the players that everyone is talking about. This is why many professionals get “star treatment.” The officials begin to watch them doing their thing and forget to watch for the other players making great plays against the stars. Can we keep all basketball officials secluded from knowledge of any player like juries are secluded from hearing about the case they are trying? Then the refs would only be prejudiced against players based on race and appearance.

Jeff Green played the entire game but only had five field goal attempts. That’s inexcusable, especially against a team without a big defensive stopper.

Joakim Noah apparently didn’t take my advice on getting a mirror. And he screams like a woman. And he rips out his jersey when he’s upset about a call, which is a technical foul anywhere except apparently the NCAA. I hate that I have to see him play another game this year.

The double foul called on Chris Richard and Lorenzo Mata: How can a charge/block situation possibly be a double foul? Unless the defender slapped the arm of the offensive player at the exact moment that the offensive player commits the charge, it is impossible. That was not what happened. The officials made a terrible decision because the one who had the best position on the call was too cowardly to step up and make the decision. It was actually a pretty poorly called game overall. You know how when a coach gets a technical foul, the calls tend to go his way the rest of the game? I think the Gators’ over-gesticulating over every call that went against them influenced the refs. They didn’t even have to get a technical for it.


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