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NCAA Championship Game

Quick poll: Which is more impressive? That Florida won back-to-back championships with the same line-up or that Florida now holds both football and basketball championships? I would write up more about it, but I have real life stuff to do. Homework, lot’s of it. I have some low-quality comments on the game though.

Billy’s first dumb comment of the night: “I wonder if [Corey Brewer] will be guarding Conley.”

Billy’s second dumb comment: “Dunovan”

I was doing homework during the game and trying not to listen to Billy, so I didn’t hear any more of his comments.

I was scared when Brewer was on the ground in pain early in the game. I declared him the best player in the game and didn’t want to lose the chance to be proven right. Who was the MOP? Thank you, very much.

I once shot five free throws with my left hand and then five with my right. I made more with my left than with my right. I’m not left handed either.

Wouldn’t Florida be great in a 2-3 zone? Horford in the middle, Noah and Brewer down low? Give these guys to Jim Boeheim, and they’d win a championship…er, another championship.

Greg Oden did it. When he needed to, he played his best game of the season. I’m now much more confidant that when he gets into NBA shape, he will be a great NBA center. He was actually dominant at times on offense, even with Florida’s grab-bag of big men guarding him, and he made several great blocks. The foul situation was seriously stacked against Florida, but I thought it was pretty fair (as an objective viewer who doesn’t like Florida or Oden). If his teammates had hit a few threes for him, he would have been MOP without a doubt. I will now officially stop calling him overrated.

Horford also had a good game, but he was benefiting from his teammates; Oden was doing it alone.

Mark: how does miss universe end up with something as ugly as joakim noah for an offspring? haha.


Me: well, have you seen his dad?

Mark: yeah, his mom… she was Miss Sweden and a contestant for miss universe.

Mark: why on earth would she marry his dad, haha.

Me: didn’t we discuss this? or were you there? If a guy has money (like a championship tennis player would), he can get any woman he wants.

Mark: hahaha, yeah. lol.


That’s a great question though. How does Miss Sweden give birth to that thing?


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