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NBA Playoffs: April 24

I’d like to start off by saying that only one team I picked to win a series has lost a game so far, and I said it would take Dallas 7 games to beat Golden State. In fact, only one series hasn’t gone the way I’ve expected it to so far, but I’ll get to that later.

There haven’t been any real close games so far, but there have been enough good ones that I expect this year to be almost as good as last year.

Dallas vs. Golden State
Wow. I know I said Baron Davis would be a match-up problem for Dallas, but that was partially just a guess because I hadn’t actually seen him play this year. His performance was amazing. 33/14/8 doesn’t even tell the whole story; watching the game, there was never a time that I thought Dallas could stop him.

Dallas might be a better team, but game 1 showed that you can’t pick a game or a series based on talent alone. Don Nelson knows Dirk Nowitski as well as anyone and has designed a defense to stop him. Avery Johnson’s counter-move? Change his starting line up. He’d better come up with something better than that if Dallas wants to advance.

Phoenix vs. Los Angeles
I said Kobe might be able to steal a couple games. I think he already stole one of those games and still lost. I’m now picking the Suns in 5.

How good is Leandro Barbosa? Could I say he’s one of the ten best point guards in the league without taking too much heat? Better question: How many Suns are among the top ten of their position? Nash, Marion, Stoudemire for sure; and you could make a good case for Barbosa, Bell, and Diaw.

San Antonio vs. Denver
Admit it: You all want to see a Denver/Phoenix series.

Anthony and Iverson were both great, but I’m concerned about the amount the Denver starters played. They all played at least 37 minutes; could they keep that up over 7 games?

Utah vs. Houston
I can’t decide whether this series has been closer that it appears or not as close as it appears. Neither team has impressed me, although Carlos Boozer’s 41 points was nice. I ought to mention McGrady’s teams blowing leads again, but it seems the mainstream has caught on.

I was seriously saddened watching Andrei Kirilenko play (almost as saddened as he was). He’s had my favorite stat line ever twice: “Registered two 5X5’s on the season (03-04) (recording five in each of the positive categories), scoring 10 points, 12 rebounds, 6 assists, 6 steals and 5 blocks vs. New York on December 10, 2003 and had 19 points, 5 rebounds, 7 assists, 8 steals and 5 blocks at Houston on December 3, 2003… Marked only the third and fourth times in league history that this has been accomplished (Vlade Divac and Jamaal Tinsley)…” Note that they also came within 8 days. By the way, who else is impressed Jamaal Tinsley has had five blocks in a game?

Detroit vs. Orlando
I know I picked Detroit, but this is the series that has surprised me so far. I thought Orlando would have competed better than this. I can’t see them winning two games now.

Orlando would have a chance if Dwight Howard would wake up. But since he’s not going to, they don’t have a chance.

By the way, both games last night were 98-90.

Cleveland vs. Washington
This series bores me…next.

Toronto vs. New Jersey
As mentioned here first, New Jersey’s three stars are pretty good. Jefferson did break out of his slump, as also predicted here first, and the Nets won more easily than the score indicated.

Finally, as first reported here, Anthony Parker went to a good school. He played more minutes than anyone else in the game, scored 16 points, had 9 rebounds and 3 steals. If the Raptors can keep Bosh out of foul trouble, they could take the series.

Miami vs. Chicago
21/2/3 for Dwyane Wade? I don’t care how hurt he is, that won’t last. This will be the best first-round series, mark my words.

My computer problems are behind me, so I ought to be able to make a post every night now. You’ve been warned.


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