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NBA Playoffs: April 25

Keep this in mind in the aftermath of the Denver/San Antonio game: Allen Iverson had a bad game. Give Iverson an average game, and Denver leaves San Antonio with a 2-0 advantage. The Spurs’ crowd sounded nervous during the Nuggets’ run and for good reason. They might not have won this game, but they played the Spurs extremely well in San Antonio and seem likely to win at least one game in Denver.

Good news for the NBA: Baron Davis gave them a reason to suspend him for a game and help ensure that one of the star franchises advances to the second round. The NBA is the most corrupt professional sports league besides professional wrestling. For the record, Davis did nothing more than Tim Duncan did in his now infamous ejection and did less than Bruce Bowen does on every single foul called against him. I thought the NBA was going to crack down on whining this year? Nothing has changed, and it literally sickens me.


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