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Denver/ San Antonio series

This is my third attempted blog, lets see if it works

How great is this series? First, underdog Denver goes into SA and steals one at home. (side note: Bill Walton = dumbest sports broadcaster of all time) Then San Antonio bounces back and leads game two well into the fourth quarter when back comes Denver and comes to within 3 points with only a couple minutes left. They would have cut it to 1 if Camby hadn’t missed that dunk from the baseline. But they ultimately lost Game 2. Now, here they are back in Denver and in a nearly identical situation as Game 2. They are down until about 5 minutes left and then come storming back. Heres my take.

How awful have the officials been late in this game? Granted they have been terrible in general and are favoring neither team, but still, whats the deal? Heres the problem with these Denver runs. They seem to find ways to score frequently late in games, but this poses an issue. You can score all you want, but if your down 10 and trade baskets, your going nowhere. I know its cliche to say defense wins games, so I’m not gonna say it. But defense caps runs, thats what it does. Defense causes runs. You can not rally late in a game unless you get stops! This is what Denver is failing to do. Giving up Offensive Rebounds, three pointers to Robert Horry, and allowing way to much penetration by Parker and Ginoboli. They are pulling these games close enough that if they could just stop one of those three things, they could cap off another game and take control of this series. Unfortunately, they have not done that late in the game. Will they, who knows? As soon as they do, they’ll win more games.

I hope they do so Evan and I can watch Denver play PHX while we are in Denver, that’ll be cool.


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