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Golden State vs. Dallas

So, this has been the best series of the year, thus far. Not because they have had the best games consistently (see San Antonio/Denver series), but because its one of the worst good teams in the NBA taking it straight at the best team in the NBA. No matter how far down these Warriors get, they just keep coming back. They’re like a fly at a barbecue: no matter how many times you swat at it, its still coming back unless you kill it. The only thing that I have against them is they sometimes allow to many offensive rebounds and I think sometimes they tend to get a little out of control. But coming from one who played on a team that loved to run and press and get up and down the floor, that is gonna happen, but that rarely acts as an Achilles’ Heel.

Heres the other aspect of this. How many breakdowns are these Mavericks gonna have? Not just defensively, but offensively! I mean, they are just completely missing defensive assignments and giving up easy lay-ups and sometimes fouls to go with it. They are not taking care of the basketball and not executing the offense we’ve seen all year. This is not the 67 win Dallas Mavericks team.

As this game continues to close. and Dallas continues to just look worse and worse, I realize how GS completely changed one of the things that I said I feared of them. I said they don’t play lock-up defense to close games. They have held Dallas to just 4 points in the final 3 minutes I believe, while scoring 16 points of their own. This is why they will go on to win this game. On the flip side, this is also why they did not go on to win Game 2. I know I had picked Dallas in 7 and do kind of want that to happen (only to watch PHX beat them as I’ve called since November), I’d also like to see GS win this series. Although, hold on, Dirk has hit two miracle threes and has 3.2 seconds to do it again…….STOLEN INBOUND PASS!!! wow!

As we stare at a stunned Mark Cuban, lets recap what we’ve figured out here. First of all, I really wish I’d given Don Nelson more credit and Dirk less credit than I did. I knew that Nellie knew how to coach against the Mavs, but I didn’t know that he could do this to them. I thought that Dallas was to good, to deep, and too experienced to lose this series. But these Warriors to not quit!! They have been down in these games repeatedly and every single time, they make runs to pull themselves back into this game. They are one of the two most fun teams to watch in the league. Possible second only to PHX.

Charles Barkley= greatest addition to the sports broadcasting world ever! All who disagree are ignorant fiends!


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