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Well, partly due to wordpress not wanting to let me on at my house, partly due to the ICC intramural league championship I’ve been working on winning over the last weekend (which we won last night, by the way)–those are the two reasons that I haven’t posted anything for awhile. 10:1 says that Von is the only one who noticed and 5:1 says he didn’t even notice, so odds are that this blog is useless. I would love to sit here and blog for awhile about the playoffs, but I haven’t been able to watch many games this weekend, and I have a Western Civilization final that I need to study for. Yes, I know, normally I’d procrastinate, and that is sorely tempting given I have almost 3 hours before the final, but if I use these 3 hours to study, I can ace this thing and assure myself a solid grade in the class. I will bestow my wisdom later, children.


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