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NBA Season Preview

I had to wait a day to post this preview. I had to see for sure whether the Spurs are actually better than the Trail Blazers. Turns out, they are.

In fact, nearly all logic tells me that the Spurs are once again the best team in the league and will win the championship. Only I’m not going to pick them. I’m going to pick Phoenix. San Antonio might be the best team with the best coach, but they’re not going to have the fire that Phoenix will this year. Think about it: Steve Nash and Grant Hill both know they’re on the down side of their careers and may not have another chance. They’ve already talked about trading Amare Stoudemire or Shawn Marion; this might be the last year their core group is together. I think Stoudemire will be improved, and the veterans will not let them lose. They will upset the Spurs in the playoffs even though they’ll be the higher seed.

In the East, Chicago will lose in five games to the Suns unless they give up too much to get Kobe. Cleveland will take a big step back this year, and Boston is at least a year away from making the championship series. The other playoffs teams will be as follows:


Atlantic Division Champs: Boston
Central: Chicago
Southeast: Washington
Other playoff teams: Toronto, Detroit, New Jersey, Atlanta, Orlando

Chicago beats Orlando
Boston beats Atlanta
Toronto beats New Jersey
Washington beats Detroit

Chicago beats Washington
Boston beats Toronto

Chicago beats Boston


Northwest: Denver
Pacific: Phoenix
Southwest: Dallas
Other playoff teams: Utah, Seattle, Portland (Or the Lakers if they keep Kobe), Houston, San Antonio

Phoenix beats Portland/LA
Denver beats Seattle
Dallas beats Houston
San Antonio beats Utah

Phoenix beats San Antonio
Dallas beats Denver

Phoenix beats Dallas

MVP Ballot

1. Carmelo Anthony
2. Kobe Bryant
3. Amare Stoudemire
4. Kevin Garnett
5. Dirk Nowitski

ROY Ballot

1. Kevin Durant
2. Jaokim Noah will get one vote from someone who likes Sasquatches.

Joakim Noah's father

Coach of the Year Ballot

1. Scott Skiles
2. Nate McMillan
3. Doc Rivers
4. PJ Carlisimo
5. Mike D’Antoni

In other news, if Atlanta doesn’t make the playoffs this year, I am considering it my right to pick a new favorite team. I’m leaning toward Utah because their best player is from Illinois, and they have another Illinois player on their NBDL team. It was going to be an automatic pick until Dee Brown left. If anyone has a better suggestion for a new favorite team, let me know.


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