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March 2008

I’m on spring break; the NCAA season is winding down. I think it’s time to bring back the basketblog.

Like last year, I plan to pick all 65 tournament teams and seeds and do so more accurately than the “experts.” I picked not only all the teams in last year but picked all their seeds. Both I did more accurately than Joe Lunardi, who is getting paid to do nothing but predict the brackets. If I do that again, what are the odds of someone paying me to do that? Right now we only differ on two teams so I don’t have much room to make up on him. He has Oregon in and Villanova out, I’d switch the two. I think the “mid majors” are weaker this year than they have been recently, so it’s basically going to be the best teams from the best conferences getting in. Not much room to differ.

I ought to be posting about every day there are games the rest of the month, especially this first week when I’m off school. Coming tonight: There are several big games tonight that will affect which bubble teams get into the tournament. I’ll give a full update on which teams helped themselves and which put themselves in jeopardy.


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