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Tournament Breakdown: Part 2


UCLA vs. Mississippi Valley State
MVSU is the alma mater of Jerry Rice. Even if they had the greatest receiver ever on their team, MVSU still would lose this game by 30. Pick them only if you want to commit bracket suicide.

BYU vs. Texas A&M
BYU has size and experience and can play both inside and outside. Their top two scorers each shoot well over 50% from the field, one of them hitting 46% of his threes (58/125). Texas A&M has done well this year because they have no real weaknesses although they are not great at anything. When they beat Texas, they shot well from outside and Texas didn’t. BYU is bigger than Texas and shouldn’t be bothered as much by A&M’s perimeter defense.

Drake vs. Western Kentucky
These teams seem remarkably similar to me. Both are guard-oriented and shoot well. Two differences I noticed: Drake is more balanced on offense, while WKU has a star (Courney Lee). WKU also has more turnovers than assists this year, but Drake has more assists than turnovers. Those two reasons are why I’m picking Drake. I think their defense is strong enough to shut down one star.

Connecticut vs. San Diego
I was high on San Diego after watching them beat St. Mary’s and Gonzaga in their conference tournament. I was going to pick them to win their first round game…until I saw who they were playing. They don’t have much outside offense besides Brandon Johnson, their point guard. He could go for 30 but they’d lose because they will not get much post offense against Connecticut’s big guys. If you want a 13 or lower seed that can pull an upset though, this would be my pick.

Purdue vs. Baylor
I don’t think many people saw either of these teams in the tournament at the beginning of the season. I wonder how legitimate either of them are now. Purdue beat up on a bad Big Ten and had only one good non-conference win–over an injured Louisville. They did beat Wisconsin, but are they really that good or was it just a really good match up for Purdue? Baylor started hot but has lost 8 of their last 13 games. Granted, 6 of those losses were to tournament teams. Well, crap. I had Purdue picked here but now that I’ve looked closer, I’m thinking Baylor. Baylor has a lot of juniors; Purdue is mostly freshmen and sophomores. Pick Baylor here.

Xavier vs. Georgia
There’s a reason Georgia won only 4 games in the SEC this year. There’s another reason why they won 4 games in the SEC–tornado. Never would have happened if the whole tournament hadn’t turned into a circus. Xavier has been great all year and only lost a couple games in a pretty good conference (probably just as good as the SEC anyway). Xavier is balanced, experienced, good at shooting…they have six guys averaging double-figures in scoring. Georgia made a great run to get here, but they can’t compete with Xavier.

West Virginia vs. Arizona
This match up interests me. I think Arizona is the better team, but how do I explain why they didn’t win more games? Chase Budinger is good enough to win a game by himself, and he might not be the best player on that team. All their stats are good…they just don’t always win. That’s basically why I’m picking West Virginia. If Arizona hasn’t shown the “killer instinct” all year and been able to beat teams that they should, why will they start now? West Virginia is balanced but has a star as well. If Joe Alexander plays like he did down the stretch, he can win a game by himself as well.

Duke vs. Belmont
As much as you may hate Duke, they are a pretty good team. In the past, teams have taken a shot at them by trying to get their big guys in foul trouble or shut down their star. This Duke team’s weakness is their lack of size. Belmont will not be able to exploit that. Their best rebounder is 6’4″ and they don’t even average 2 blocks per game. Duke will win big.

Round 2

I think UCLA is the best all-around team in the nation. I’m not going to pick against them ever. I’m also not going to try to come up with a reason why they’ll win each game; I think they’re just better. BYU will keep this one close though.

Drake vs. Connecticut
This game reminds me a lot of Butler vs. Florida in the sweet sixteen last year. Butler nearly won that game. Difference this time is Drake is more experienced than Butler, and Connecticut is less experienced than Florida. I’m taking Drake this time. UCONN lost in the big east tournament to a balanced West Virginia team that is very similar to Drake. Connecticut has been taking it easy in their last few games; you know a team like Drake is going to come hard. Besides, if I think there’s a chance UCONN could lose in the first round, it would be irresponsible for me to pick them farther than this.

Baylor vs. Xavier
I wanted to pick against Baylor in the first round; I’m not sending them to the sweet sixteen. Xavier is a great team that almost beat Ohio State to get the sweet sixteen last year. Baylor is good but not great and hasn’t been here in a really, really long time (last time they won a game was 1950). They’re going in the right direction, but this won’t be the year they win more than one game.

West Virginia vs. Duke
Duke has made the sweet sixteen 7 of the last 8 years. Last year was the one time. Last year’s team was, frankly, not nearly as good as this year’s. These teams are very similar to each other, but in one game, I’m taking Coach K over Bob Huggins. I will say this though: If Arizona has the killer mentality to beat West Virginia, they are good enough to beat Duke. One win might be enough to wake them up and get them to the elite eight. That’s a great low-seed sleeper if you’re looking for one.

Round 3

UCLA vs. Drake
Could this game be like Butler vs. Florida last year? The great mid-major coming closer to knocking off the eventual champion than anyone else? Drake will need to hit jump shots to have a chance; UCLA’s defense is too tough otherwise. This game could be close, but Drake hasn’t played anyone this good ever.

Xavier vs. Duke
Xavier doesn’t have the size to give Duke problems, but they do have more experience. These teams are very similar in every way. The only way I can see to differentiate between them is age and experience. Xavier wins.

Regional Championship

UCLA vs. Xavier
UCLA is the best.  I think BYU would be their toughest competition in this region unless Arizona smells blood and makes it this far.  They just have too few weaknesses to be beat by anything but a great performance.  Granted, anyone can put forth a great performance in any game, but if that were realistic, we might as well close our eyes and randomly pick the winner of each game.  UCLA is the best team; UCLA has no big weakness; I pick UCLA in each game.


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  1. THats prtty crazy of you puttin Xavier in the elite 8…..good luck with that

    Comment by Jole Miller | March 18, 2008

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