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NIT First round: Illinois State vs. Utah State

I headed down to see this game live tonight.  ISU won by four but was only up by two when Utah State missed an open three with seventeen seconds to go.

ISU won, but they did not impress me at all.  I had them as my last team in the tournament, but I’m glad they didn’t get in.  They would have brought shame and embarrassment to the Missouri Valley if they played Clemson in the first round.  I was also unimpressed with their crowd compared to Bradley’s crowds.  They couldn’t even sell out an 8,000-seat arena for a postseason game…Bradley sells out its 13,000-seat arena for non-conference games.  Step it up, ISU fans, or you’ll always be the inferior Central Illinois team…


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What to expect out of me the next few days…

I plan to post a few interesting notes about each game before it starts, meaning about sixteen “pre-game” posts this weekend.  I’ll also post recaps, at least at the end of each day, maybe at the end of each session.  If you’re lucky, I’ll even make a few other posts if something interests me enough.

However, all of this will wait until probably the second session on Thursday.  I have a doctor appointment for noon on Thursday.  In my time zone, that means the appointment starts about half an hour after the first round of games begin.  If I’m lucky, I’ll be out and home before the first games end; if I’m unlucky, it won’t even start until the games are almost over.  Wish me luck!

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