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I created this blog out of an intense need to have my ramblings about basketball heard. I knew right away that my own opinions would never be able to carry the blog alone, so I tried to get my friend Aaron (hoops33) to register. Two months later I realized that I had sent the invitation to the wrong email address. I now finally have him in the fold, and we’re ready to rock the basketball world or something.

Both of us have lived in the Peoria, Illinois area for all of our conscious lives. We met on the basketball court when he was in 4th grade and I was the new kid in school in 6th grade. Neither of us started on the elementary team that year (which was seriously one of the great elementary teams I’ve ever seen), but that was the last team we were ever a part of for which neither of us started. When most of the good basketball players at our school transfered, we were the only two that remained. It seemed like basketball at our school would never be great again, but we worked hard and led our team to the school’s first ever state tournament appearance my senior year. Two years later, Aaron took the team back to the state tournament in his senior year. The two of us hold nearly every school basketball record.

Last year Aaron was a student coach and eventually a player for a local JuCo team, while I went to a school much too good for me to ever play for and have spent the last three seasons keeping statistics for and assistant coaching our old high school team. My dad is the head coach for a local high school team, so I have had a basketball background my entire life.

If you’re interested, I will always consider new contributors for the blog. This isn’t my blog, its the basketblog.  -vontos



  1. After recently witnessing what, in my view, was a corruptly officiated high school basketball game here in Idaho (the away team had a +/- 10 point lead with 4 minutes remaining, yet the home team victory margin was 2 points, with much of that lead chipped away by a flurry of late-game foul calls–or lack of them in a couple instances), I am in the process of issuing a formal (read detailed) complaint to the State Board of Education, etc. Hence, an internet search on the subject of corrupt high school basketball officiating, resulting in the find of the phrase in your blog. You mentioned you have seen corrupt officiating alter the outcome of high school basketball games. Do you have or know of specific examples, and would you care to discuss them? It would help me, even though you are located in Illinois. Several here (i.e. the home team) deny that such a thing (corruption of high school sports officials) exists. To get the State to audit officiation, the existence of such a problem may need to be established. For the love of the game, I do this, as I believe an injustice was done by the specific officials. Your experience can help me form a more cogent argument. If you ultimately want to run this on the blog that’s fine by me, but right now I am in the discovery process and am building the case/story, with the ultimate objective of creating workable statistical alogrithms for state high school associations to use to audit conduct by officials. Without a reasonable verification audit, all that remains for people who complain is to grumble about it. I want to work to help resolve the problems, not just grumble and bend over. Thanx.

    Comment by Floyd Whitley | December 14, 2007

  2. When will you be posting your plays for East and Midwest? I only c part one and part 2 so far. Love the analysis

    Comment by Ron | March 18, 2008

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